Climatic Oscillations

Climatology is not only about human impact, looking and predicting the effects of the climatic changes on Earth and the solar systemClimatology is a long term trend and large scale processes which we are directing our efforts in knowing why the climate looks the way it does, what anomalies and variations can potentially change the climate.

Some of the natural trends are EL NIÑO Oscillation AND LA NIÑA Oscillation which occurs once in seven years. After few months the later oscillation always follows the former oscillation which are quite predictable but due to increasing effects of climate changeoscillations may be pushed a little later Known as ENSO, which are opposite effects of the same process defined as an OSCILLATION (shift in magnitudes between the temperature of the atmosphere and the ocean).Geographically an Oscillation approximates to the area between International dateline and 120 degrees west. EL NIÑO oscillation arrives between June and December, which occurs with the depletion and replacement of PACIFIC TRADE WINDS .The water becomes warmer as the warm air creates this oscillation. Whereas LA NIÑA Oscillation occurs in reversed situation in which the trade winds are stronger than normal, diverting warm water westward across pacific. Leaving the water in the west warmer than average and east of the ocean is colder than normal.




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